Vehicle Frequently Asked Questions
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Vehicle Frequently Asked Questions

With the number of vehicle choices available it is sometimes overwhelming to decide what vehicle is best for you. 

At London City Chrysler Jeep we listen foremost to what your specific needs are, and in discovering your requirements we then offer you a matching vehicle choice that is a good fit for your active lifestyle. 

Regardless if you're single, or married, with a large family or looking for a second vehicle for commuting, or a heavy duty truck, we have an    automobile that is just right for you.

Here is a cross section of vehicles that London City markets, along with a short explanation.

    Coupe Cars:

Coupe cars are vehicles that have a sleek often sporty design with two access doors and depending on the model, have ether two or four seats.

    SUV Vehicles:

SUV stands for Sport Utility Vehicle. These vehicles are built on a truck frame. Often sporting extra horse power they are well designed to tow trailers. Seating is up to eight people. Four wheel drive is usually available for SUV vehicles.

   Crossover Vehicles:

Looking similar to a SUV the Crossover is actually built on a car frame. Crossovers are known for their stability and excellent handling while incorporating a high ground clearance. These vehicles often come with available ALL-WHEEL drive or FOUR WHEEL drive models.

   Hatchback Vehicles:

Hatchbacks come with a top hinged tailgate for ease of access to the rear compartment. Versatility is achieved by being able to remove seats or in some cases by collapsing the seats to increase cargo area.


Chrysler Minivans have up to eight seating positions. They are generally more stylish then their larger counterparts and are designed with the active family in mind. Sliding doors are often included as an easy means for rear seating passengers to get in and out of the vehicle.

   Pick-up Truck:

Pickup trucks are the workhorses of the automotive world. Built with heavier materials and towing capacity they are designed for a whole range of activities. The modern pickup truck often incorporates a whole range of creature comforts.

   Sedan Cars:

Sedans are one of the most sought after vehicles in Canada. For ease of entry these automobiles are equipped with front and rear doors. These cars are great for family and every day driving.


 Hybrid (Chrysler Aspen):

Hybrid vehicles are a combination of a gasoline engine with an electric motor. Depending on driving conditions the vehicle will switch between power plants. These vehicles are low emission and are environmentally friendly. 

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